Bicycle Wrench Multi Repair Tool Set

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This Multi Function Bike tool set is an absolute find for any cyclist. This repair tool will come in handy and it’s the perfect size for a bike bag or rucksack.

This Multi Function Bike tool set is portable, light weight and the perfect accessories for general bike repairs.  A must have tool for regular maintenance and emergency repairs for every cycling enthusiast.

Every Allen/Hex Key you can imagine, three Sockets, a Philips, a Flat head, a Square head and a Hex wrench.

Bicycle Repair Tool Specification:
2 Nut Tools:                  8/10/15 mm
3 Socket Hex Wrench:  8/9/10 mm
6 Hex (Allen) Key:       2/2,5/3/4/5/6 mm
Size:                              Approx 9 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm
Color:                            As the picture shown

It’s mainly steel so it has a bit of weight to it. Feels like it’ll last forever. Everything folds away into one neat package that is about the size of a small Hamster or a really big Mouse.


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