360 Degree Universal Magnetic Phone Car Holder Stand by Baseus

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This Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder is not sold in the stores.

This Car Mount Phone Holder is sleek and easy to use. Completely realizes no space occupying which is safer without covering your driving views

No more plastic cradles or complicated clamps!

100% Magnetic Phone Mount. Simply hold your phone to the mount and let go! 

Universal rotation and easy GPS: 
Universal rotation design, the phone can be easlity moved to satisfy diversified visual angle needs of drivers when watching GPS map and realie safe guidance.The high quality ball mount allows you to adjust to any angle, so you can keep your phone fully in view always

Powerful Magnetic Forces
With 4 magnets well known as "Magnet King" being installed internally

Stable Sucker
It has powerful magnetic forces that can draw your phone tighly even driving, suddenly braking on deceleration strips and bumpy roads

Sticks to any surface
With its adhesive base, you can stick it wherever you need it.Mount on glass Windscreen, Car Dash Board, Fridge or Kitchen Cabinets! Use it as a DESK ACCESSORY for easy access to your phone while working, or secure it to the kitchen Counter-top so you can YouTube while you cook up a storm.
Hands Free Safety
Avoid penalties and ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers by going hands free! Simple one handed application. 

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